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It has been a whole day since Takouya and Kouji rescued their friends form the brutal tickle torture of Ranamon and Mercurymon..Takouya and Kouji had been sent out to gather wood for a fire when the goggle wearing youth found his ally asleep on a log.
Takouya approached him with great caution and noticed his socks were the only thing he had on his feet." hihih i bet he's ticklish...time to learn your lesson Kouji" Slowly he used some string to tie his friends legs and upper body to the log and curiously ran a finger up his still sock covered sole
Kouji's toes wiggled inside his socks and a smile appeared on the sleeping boy's face. He started moving a bit in his sleep, but the ropes prevented him from falling off the log.
the brunet scowled at Kouji's laziness as he spedd up his tickling" aww come on now Kouji wake up..itll make it more fun!" he started using his nails a bit to increase the ticklish feeling.
Kouji started giggling and his feet moved a bit. After a few seconds of tickling Kouji stirred and his eyes fluttered open. " Takuya hahahahaha?" He asked groggily, trying to sit up. When he noticed he was tied down his eyes went wide and he looked at the other boy in shock." Whahahahahat? Why hahahahaha Why am I hehehehehehe tied hihihihihi?"
Takouya took a break to lok inot his rival's shocked eyes, " I tied you up..and now im going to tickle you for sleeping on the job and leaving me to do all the work!" He gripped the toes of both feet and tugged slightly to slowly reveal a soft pale heel and sole..but not the toes just yet
" Hey. Stop that." Kouji shouted, struggling to get free. He could only watch in horror as his creamy white soles were revealed slowly. But he tried not to show his fear. "Fine whatever. I'm not even ticklish so do whatever you want."
"Oh i beg to differ my friend..i bet youre plenty ticklish" to show what he meant Takouya wiggled his index finger across Kouji's left sole as a small test.
Kouji's foot twitched, but he managed to regain his composure. "See? Nothing. Now let me go." Kouji demanded playing the tough guy.
"hmm..i think ill keep you here a bit longer" He pulled Kouji's socks off all the way to reveal his small white toes, then with the utmost persicion he pulled back his friends toes and tickled underneath them." What about this?"
Kouji squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth to stop himself from laughing. His toes desperately tried to break free of his friends grip and curl down defensively but that wasn't possible. Kouji sent Takouya a glare and moved his shoulders to try and shrugg the ropes off.
Takouya was rather enjoying his friends reaction to this so he continued for a moment before driving his fingers between the toes and wiggling them around wildly"Youll break soon enough Kouji."

Kouji shook his head wildly.  His toes were hyper sensitive, probably the most ticklish part of his feet if not of his whole body. So it didn't take long until Kouji was unable to hold back anymore and he bursts out laughing. " "Nohohohoo don't hahahahahahaha."
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Takouya grin in triumph and moved back down using his nails on Kouji's pale soles." Hooray, i knew you were that Ive broken you let see where else youre ticklish."
Kouji shivered and wiggled his toes . " Cut it hahahahahahaha out Takuyahahahahahahaha. I wahahahahaharn you hahahahahahahahahahaha." Kouji threatened sending him another glare.
"oh? And what are you gonna do huh?" He continued his ticklish rampage eventually going back up to the toes with ticklish fury and goin underneath and inbetween each digit.
An image appeared in Kouji's mind. " I hahahahaha I'm gonna tie you uhahahahahahahahahaup and hahahahahaha and let some digihihihihihihihimohohohon lick your feet hahahahahaha till you pass ouhahahahahahahaout hahahahaha."  The boy's plae feet moved around as she tried to get away from Takouya's fingers.
Takouya recoiled at the thought of this..but he figured that there would be no digimon around so he continued dispite his fear and pretended not to care" there's no not ticklish Kouji..but you on the other hand are very ticklish indeed" he continued for a good 15 minutes before stopping to give Kouji a breather.
Kouji was breathing heavilly when the tanned boy stoped tickling his feet. You Baka. Get me out of here." Kouji fummed, struggling anew. He didn't like to be beaten by his rival especially like this.

Takouya grinned evilly" Oh you think im done..sorry Kouji but there is more in store for you" He left for a few minutes but came back holding something behind his back...when he showed it to Kouji he took great pleasure in seeing the shocked look in his eye..
Kouji swallowed nervously and squirmed around in his bonds. " N-No. Please. Don't tickle my feet with this." The pale youth begged. His tan friend was showing him a long soft-looking feather making Kouji break into a nervous sweat.
Takouya couldn help but giggle at his friends reaction." I think I will Kouji." and with that he began brushing Kouji's helpless sole with the feather." Does this tickle Kouji?"
Kouji's feet started thrashing back and forth as their woner laughed his head off helplessly. " Nohohohohohohjot my feehahahahahahahaheet hahahahahahahahahahahaha."
" Oh yes Kouji..the feet" Takouya then used the feather to saw back and forth between his toes very quickly." You know I never knew you were so ticklish Kouji."
"Kouji threw his head back and le howled with laughter.  Shahahahahahahahahad uhahahahahahahahup  hahahahahahahahahaha." His toes wiggled in protest and he started bucking around, but the ropes held him down.
"hmm maybe i should get your upper body next..naw..i like it down here" He continued through the toes wit gusto as eventually turned it over to use the quill end to draw funny shapes on his soles and aches.
"Anyhahahahahaha Anywhere but my feeheeheehahahaheet hahahahahahahaha." Kouji begged. When  Takuya started drawing on his soles with the quill end Kouji was reliefed at first but only until he felt the rough object on his arches, which almost tickled as bad as the feathertickling his toes.
After about 15 minutes of this Takouya grew bored playing tic tac toe by himself..he then walked up to Kouji's torso and lifted his shirt." So Kouji..are you ticklish as much up here as you are down there?" following this he bent down and blew a long rassbperry into Kouji's navel.
"What was that Kouji..ok then ill just do this." Takouya then started dancing the feather along Kouji's exposed ribs back and forth.
Kouji's body jerked and he tried pulling away. " Cuhahahahahut it ou hahahahahahaha. Nohohohohot there hahahahahahahahaha." Kouji laughed helplessly, but not as hard as before.
"Getting tired Kouji?" he said as he continued lightly bruching the sensitive skin around his bare chest.
Kouji's body shook with laughter and he was shaking his head rapidly. " EAVE HAHAHAHA LEAVE MY CHEST ALOHOHOHOHOHOHONE HAHAHAHAHA."" Kouji couldn't belive this. He hadn't imagined his chest to be ticklish let alone make him laugh like mad.
Takouya was getting tired of too much fun..although he wanted to make Kouji get the point" Have you learned your lesson?" he said as he now used his fingers to draw small circles around his chest.
Takouya grinned broadly cause he knew just what to do next" Ok then..if I untie you you have to gather up the rest of the"
Kouji nodded his head rapidly. " WHATHSAHAHAHAHAHASHAEVER YOU SAHAHAHAHAHAHAY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." ." Kouji looked at Takuya with tear-filled eyes begging him to stop.
Takouya finally cut the bonds with his pocketknife thus releasing Kouji from his torment
Kouji curled into a small ball, still laughing from all the tickle torture. The yound digidestined was a mess. Hiis black hair clung to his forehead and his body was covered with a fine layer of sweat. After a while Kouji sat up, , still panting, and wiped a few remaining ttears from his eyes.
" Now hurry up and gather the wodd before I tie you up again." Takuya said with a grin.
Kouji frowned but obeyed and got up.. " Can I at least have my shirt and shoes back ?" He asked sourly sending Takouya a glare.
"haha sure thing" He threw Kouji his clothing and sat down on the same log wondering how Kouji could have gone to sleep on a hunk of wood.

Kouji frowned and brushed his shirt clean. Next he grabbed his jacket and put it on as well. Koujiwas just about to put his shoes back on when he noticed that Takuya had turned his back on him. Kouji grinned evilly and quietly tiptoes over to the other boy
Takouya was sitting lazilly wondering how he could get Kouji was rather fun but he wouldnt let Kouji know that..he was actually still rather frightened of the idea of several digimon licking his feet..he was very ticklish but none of the others knew about it..thank heaven
When he was right behing Takouya he gabbed his hands and used his bandana to tio tie his wirsts together behind his back.  When he was done he wlked aroung Takouya to face him with a grin.
Takouya was completely caught off guard and when he met Kouji's eyes he saw the evil grin" Uhh..Kouji..w-what are you doing?" he asked this even though he dreaded the answer
" You don't think you could just tickle me and get away with it, do you?." Kouji asked, quirking an eyebrow. " No way! I'm going to make sure that you'll regret ever messing with me." Kouji  gently pushed Takouya to the ground, grinning down at him. He was going to show his rival who was in control now before he would start the real torture.
Takouya hit the ground witha  thump and bagan trying to roll away but he oculdnt get his bearings right so all he was capapble of doing was rolling back and forth in the grass" C-cmon Kouji it was just harmless fun right?!"
"I know. And I'm going to have sime nice harmless fun with you,too.." Kouji said,. From his point on the ground Takuya could see that Kouji was still barefoot. Suddenly Kouji pounced on Takuya, stradling his waist and keeping him pinned in place. " Ready for some laughs?" His captor asked, wiggling his fingers in front of his eyes.

Takouya started bucking around but kept his mouth shut nice and tight and merley shook his head back and forth.

Kouji didn't waste any time and dug his hands into the boys sides. " Tickle tickle Takouya."  He mocked, spiderinng his fingers over the boys ribs.
Takouya was ready to burst but he knew if he did that it would only get worse so instead he just whimpered and acted tough much in the same manner as Kouji had
"Come on Takouya. You can't hold it in forever. I know what I'm talking about." Kouji said sneaking his hands underneath the tanned boy's shirt to tickle his bare skin. He kept attacking his sides, kneading Takouya's hips in determination to make him crack.
As ticklish as he was, Takouya was even more ticklish on his bare this point resistance was pointless" MMMMMahahHahahahaHAHAHAHAhahah Kohohujihihihahaha stahahapihihihthahahaha!"
" Ah that's better." Kouji grinned and slowly worked his way up Takouya's sides and spidered his fingers over his ribs. " Do you like this, Takouya?" Kouji mocked as his fingers slowly moved towards his underarms.
Takouya's eyes grew wider with each movement of his friends fingers and he pleaded for mercy" GAHAHAHAH Koujihaha not theheherhaha ill never ticklehahayou agahahianhahahaha!"
Kouji chuckled evilly. " Too late.. You tickled me for over thirty minutes and now it's  my turn to get you." Kouji replied slowly wiggling his fingers into his friends  underarms.. where he scraped his nails over his sensitive skin.
Takouya had no choice but to squeal in ticklish agony as his underarms were some of his worst points to tickle"hAHAHAHAHAIHIHI KOHOHJIHIHIAHAHAHAHAHA NOHOHOMOHOHOHOREHEHEHAHAHAHAHA OHOHOTHE UNDERAHAHAHRMSHAHAHAHA!"
He tickled the hairless hollows of his armpits for a bit longer and then moved to a different spot. " " And how about here?" He asked, gliding his ffingers down Takouya's tanned chest, where he wiggled them around for a bit.
The bound youth bucked up and down a bit while giggling his head off" NAHAHAT THEHEHEREHAHA IT TIHIHICKLES TOHOHOMUHUHCHAHAHAHA!"
" That didn't stop you from doing it to me remember?" Kouji said. One of his hands kept tickling his chest while his other hand hovered over his captive's stomach.
Takouya started wiggling and whimpering things that sounded like please and stop..but they are un recognizeable through all the laughter" HAHAHAHAHAIHI PLEHEHSEHHAHAHAHAHSTHHHAHAHAHPHAHAHAHAHAHAHkOUJIIIIII!!!GAHAHAHAHA"
Kouji ignored his pleas and  dug his hands into Takouya's soft tummy. " Do you like this?" Kouji asked virbrating his fingers against his skin.
Takouya's laughter jumped up a whole octave and his struggles grew larger as he kicked about behind Kouji but he was unable to make contact with anything" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHIHIHHAHA STAHAPHAHAHA ILL DO AHAHANYTHIHIHINGHAHAHA! "
" Anything huh? Unfortunatelyall I want you to do is...LAUGH." One of Kouji's fingers brushed along the rim of his navel and he swirled it around a few times before dipping his finger inside..
Takouya's eyes bulged as Kouji's finger made contact with his navel and his screams went to such a pitch its a wonder he was a boy" EEEEHEHEHEHKAHHAHAHAHAHAH NOT THE NAHAHAHAVEHEHELAHAHAHA!"
" Yes the naval." Kouji mocked. He kept tickling his navel with one hand while his other hand  went for his underarms and chest. While one of his hands kept teasing his navel cnonstop his other hand  switchedback and forth between stomach, chest and underarms to get Takouya's most ticklish spots .
Takouya kept getting used to the tickling but as soon as it happened Kouji switched places..all he could do was kick in vain and roll around to delay his wandering fingers" AHAAHAHAHAHAHIHIHIH GEHEHT OFF MEHEHEHEHAHAHA NOW!"
" Don't get off you? No problem." Kouji  teased.  He tickled Takouya a bit more and then stopped to give him a breather. " Have you learned your lesson?" Kouji asked, mimicking Takouya.
Takouya nodded weakly with tears in his eyes" hihih yeah i please get off!"
" No." Kouji replied sternly. " I haven't even tried your feet yet. And I have to make sure that you really learned your lesson.." He grinned evilly.
Takouya couldnt believe it..Kouji had just told him that he was going to get his feet..this made Takouya start to sweat and struggle against his bonds" M-My way you leave my feet alone!" he said defiantly as he kicked around to make it harder for his friend to pin his legs down.
Kouji was having a hard time not to be thrown off. "Hey stop it." He complained. " Or else." He pressed his fingertips against the boy's stomach again, not tickling just letting him feel their presence.
Immediately Takouya stopped his struggling and lookd down in awe at Kouji's finger." umm ok..But please Kouji not on my feet, I can't stand it!"
Kouji shook his head no." You tickled mine so I'm gonna tickle yours, too." Before Takouya could start kicking again Kouji sat on his ankles and started unlacking his shoes.
Takouya wagged his feet back and forth in attempt to keep Kouji from removing his foot wear..but it all proved in vain as he felt the cool air against his socks in an instant."Ohh maaan!"
Kouji ignored him and started to remove this ocks too. After he got them off he rolled Takouja over so he was laying on his stomach and his soles faceed upwards. " Ready?" The pale boy asked, looking his friends feet over.
Takouya's toes wiggled helplessly in his friends grasp." If I say no will it help me!?" even though he knew the answer.
Kouji giggled. " No" He ran his index finger down one of Takouya's tan soles.
Takouya was instantly reduced to a giggling fit*" hhihihahaha ohoho please haha Kouji be gentlehahaha!"
"Like you when you tickled my feet?Sure thing." He said sarcastically. He used his two index fingers to randomly prod all over his soles to see if he could find a weak spot.
Takouya held it in as long as possible but Kouji eventually found his sweet spot which made him jump" AHAHAhahhaa dont poke thehehereha!"
" Where? Here?" Kouji asked, poking the spot again. His other index finger also started poking the same spot on his other foot.
Takouya started wiggling his toes in protest"Yehehehshaha thehehrehahaha"
" You mean this spot? Right in the middle of your arches?" Kouji teased further. He started to scrape his fingernails over the spot, giving both feet a good scratching.
The youths feet were twitching at a fast pace and his laughter seemed eternal" GAHAHAHIHHIHIHI KOHOHOUHUHJIHHIHAHAHAHA NOT THE AHAHRCHESHHAHAHAA STAHAHAP!"
  Kouji obliged just to go for scrape his nails all over his soles moving up and down  from the heels to nthe base of his toes. But he didn't touch the tanned digits yet. He wanted to save them till the very end.
"Kouji grinned evilly. " Hey Takuya, how about a little game?" He grabbed his big toe and wiggled it around. " This little piggy went to market." He  He  wnet for his second toe and did the same. ( And this little piggy stayed home." He kept singing the taunt and played with the toes until he arrived at his pinky toe. After shaking this one too ,too Kouji wiggled his fingers down his soles, finishing with a giggle.

Takouya was in tears again by the time Kouji had finished." hihihahaha dohont do that againhaha"
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" I'm sure of this." Kouji  shoved his fingers between Takouya's squirming otes and wiggled them around to tickle the skin beteen them.
Takouya's toes were by far the worst part of his entire body and inbetween them was impossibly worse, so he had no choise but to throw his head back and laugh uncontrollably." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THAHAHATAHAHAHA AHAHANYTHING BUT THAHAHATHA!!"
After some minutes of playing with the hyperticklish digits Kouji stopped and got off Takuya." I'm done now." Kouji said simply as he stepped back and watched his friend recover.
Takouya was completely out of strength..he merley rolled over and giggled" So were square now riht?"
" Kouji nodded. " Yeah we're even." Kouji untied Takuya' and helped him to get up. "Oh and next time you want to tickle me, just ask.If you can stand my revenge that is" Kouji said, smirking.
Takouya retuned a weak grin." Heh..sure thing Kouji." He gathered his shoes and socks and made his way back towards the others.
Kouji grabbed his tuff as well and followed Takouya, still walking barefoot since he didn't want to put his shoes back on. " What about the firewood?" Kouji asked suddenly  remembering why they had come here in the first place.
Takouya grinned widely" don't worry..while I was looking for that feather i found some and staked it over near camp..we can pick it up on the way."
Kouji nodded in approval. " Good idea. We had enough laughs for one day .I don't need tto be tickled by the others ,too, because we returned without firewood."
Takouya shivered at the thought" Yeah..good point."
"But I guess it wouldn't be so bad if Zoey was the one being the tickling." Kouji mused. When he realized what he just said he quicklylooked away and blushed .
Takouya giggled and and nodded" I hear that..but what if Tommy found out we were ticklish?"
" I would't worry about him. We are both bigger and stronger then him. And besides he's pretty ticklish , too if he's making trouble we  know how to get him back, right?" Kouji replied with a smile
" You bet" he said as thy reached the firewood Takouya sat down to put on his footwear..he then grabbed a handfull of wood and proceeded towards camp.
Kouji hesitantly put his shoes on as well. He was enjoying walking barefoot, but it would surely spark the other's interest if he appeared barefoot. " Hey Takouja, wait for me." He shouted after his friend as he grabbed some firewood and follewed him to the camp

Takouya and Kouji finally made it back to camp to find Tommy all by himself playing with some small digimon..Zoe and JP were nowhere to be found. " Hey Tommy where is everyone else?" asked Kouji out of curiosity.

Tommy looked up at the two newcomers. " They went to look for you. You have been gone for quite a time and they were worried about xou. And they told me to stay at camp in case you came back." He explained.
Takouya just laughed as he and Kouji placed the firewood down." So then what are YOU doing kiddo?"
Tommy shrugged. " Not much. Just playing with this digimon here." The younster replied. " So what what took you two so long Did you get in any fights?" Tommy asked curiously.
Koiuji blushes while Takouya turned away." Heh...of course not*he then got an interesting idea* but we did pay a game"
" A game?" Tommy asked , sounding excited. " What kind of game?" He went over to them and set down cross legged, looking at Kouji and Takuya interestedly.
Takouya smiled widely but Kouji kept on talking instead." Well Tommy its a challenging game to test endurance...I bet you couldn't win it" He shrugged to challenge Tommy and trick him into recieving the same torture as he and Takouya had experienced.
Tommy took the bait. " I could. I can win any game." He rplied pouting a little and stuck his tounge out at Kouji.
Kouji grinned boldly and turned to Takouya." Ok then..while i'm starting the fire Takouya here will teach you the game" He said as he walked toward the firewood.
"Huh..oh heh ok thn." Takouya smiled and gestured for Tommy to come closer." Come on Tommy..I'll show you the game.
Tommy nodded and sat down besides Takuya. " So what's this game you and Kouji talk about? How do you play it?" Tommy asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement.
"ok then..the first step is you have to take theese off" He said pointing to Tommy's small shoes

Tommy seemed a bit confused. He  removed his shoes and put them aside. " Why did I have to ttake my shoes of?" The boy asked, wiggling his small socked feet.
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" I'll show you" He said as Takouya lifted the young boy's feet into his lap and tugged on the sock of his left foot just enough ot be able to drag his finger over the young boy's white sole before removing the sock completely.

Tommy giggled and wiggled his foot a bit. " H-Hey hehehehehe that tickles hihihihihihi." When he noticed that the other was pullibg off his sock Tommy looked at him in confusion. " Why are you taking my sock off?" He asked in surprise.
Takouya was amazed that he hadnt cought on yet so he decided to hurry it up. " tickle you of course!" and with that he pulled Tommy's feet into an armlock and viciously raked his nails across the boys bare feet.
Tommy squealed in surprise and  immidiately  burst into laughter. " Nohohohohoho dohohohohohohon hahahahahaha." The small boy protested and wiggled his trapped feet.
" Ah so you ARE ticklish on your feet huh little guy1?" Takouya exclaimed as his now teased Tommy's toes with his fingers. It was now that Kouji came back to observe the fun . " Hahaha I see he's trying the game huh?" Kouji giggled.
" Koujihihihihihihi help me plehehehehehehehehehehease hahahahahahahahahaha." Tommy begged. The youngest digidestined tried to pull his feet into savety as Takuya tickled his small toes, which were one of his weak spots.
" Haha I think Ill stick around actually" While Takouya was having fun with his feet, Kouji made his way over andlifted Tommy's arms with one hand so that he could pull up his shirt and tickle around his belly.
Tommy looked at Kouji wide eyed. " Nohohohohot you ttoo hahahahahahahahahahahaha." H He complained. The small boy tried to squirm free of the boy's grip but it was no use..
Btoh of the older boy were having a field day, but it wasnt until Kouji blew a long rassbperry into Tommy's navel that the laughter grew loud enough.
"NOHOHOHOHOHO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT HAHAHA." Tommy tried to pull his arms down to protect himself, but he was no match for the stronger boy.
It took Takouya a few minutes of this to realize that poor Tommy was hardly breathing." Hey Kouji maybe we should stop .what if Zoe and JP get back?"

" Hmm. Let's give Tommy a little breather." Kouji decided." But I don't want to stop so soon. I'm having fun doing this. And who cares about Zoey and JP? If they get in the way we'll simply tie them up and tickle them as well." Kouji said with an evil smile. The thought of having Zoey at his mercy and being able to tickle her  made Kouji's face turn a bright red.
Takouya was wondering what it would be like to tickle Zoe but in doling so he accicentally released Tommy's legs." Huh..whoops!?"

Tommy quickly pulled his feet away  . He was still breathing hard from being tickled but was starting to calm down again. " Don't teickle me me anymore . Or I'll tell Zoey." He threatened with a smirk.
Both Takouya and Kouji snapped awake at this..if Zoe got mad at them..*they both shuddered* " K-Kouji..what do we do now?" Takouya whispered to his partner in ticklish crime.

" We just have to make sure Tommy doesn't tell her." And I think we both know a way to convince him  to keep this a secret.." Kouji grinned evilly pointing to Tommy's tiny bare feet.
Takouya grinned and followed his suggestion..he pulled Tommy's feet back to him and began tickling between his small toes with gusto" What do you say Tommy, are you gonna keep this between us?"
"Tommy's feet flailed about and his laughter filled the air once more. " Nohohohohoho way hahahahahahahahahahahaha . I'm gonnahahahahahaha tell Zoey hahahahahahahahahaha." Tommy replied stubbornly. With Zoey's help the tables would turn in his favor and he would be able to get back at his two tormentors.
Takouya's tickling got faster and he turned to Kouji." HELP me would ya!?"
" Nohohoho don't hahahahahahahahaha." Tommy complained, struggling and wiggling his  small toes.
"Glady ..INCOMING" yelled Kouji as he reached over and started tickling Tommy's belly mercellously
Tommy went into his hysterics  as both of his most ticklish spots were being tickled mercylessly by the two boys. " "PLEAHAHAHAHAHAHEASE STOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOP. IT HSHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES TOO MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUCH." He squirmed around in his friends grasp, trying to get away from their tickling hands.
Kouji was intent on getting his way." Only if you keep it a secret Tommy." Both he and Takouya stopped their tickling but kept their hands at the ready should he refuse.
Tommy gasped for breath and looked up Kouji and Takoujy. " And would would happen if I break that promise?" He asked nervously. " Not on purpose, just accidently." He added quickly.
Takouya grinned" Then  you can expect some real laughs" Kouji nodded in aggreement
Tommy squirmed around nervously. " R-Real laughs? Does this mean...this isn't all you got?" He asked in surprise and shock.  The young boy couldn't belive there could be anything worse than what he went through already.
Kouji gave him a smile" Please..that wasnt even half of it."
" You're bluffing." Tommy said boldly. ( If you really had something worse you have used it already."
( i intend too)
At these words Takouya pulled out the feather form earlier and scribbled on his sole with the quill end. "see?" said Kouji.
Tommy squealed in surprise. IIIIIHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ok ok hahahahhahaha I believe youhuhuhuhuhahahahahahahahahahaha." Tommy laughed helplessly and covered his feet with one another.
Takouya restrained himself and asked Tommy again." So will you stay quiet?"
Tommy was determined no to give in. " Nohohohohohoho never hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha." The boy said, shking his head to further emphasize his point.
" Then we have no choice" Kouji nodded to Takouya who then resumed his foot scribbling and Kouji started blowing more rassbperries.
Poor Tommy was sent into hysterics. " AHAHAHSHAHSHAHAA STOHOHOHOHOHOHOP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHORE HAHAHAHQAHAHA." Tommy wiggled about trying to escape from the featherquill and raspberries, but unable to get away from neither.
Kouji stopped but Takouya kept scribbling." Tommy there is a good way you could stop tihs..just promise not to tell Zoe and we will stop."
Tommy nodded his head frantically He didn't want to give in to them, but he also wished forthe tickling to stop. " II AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I GVE HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU WIHIHIHIHIHIN HAHAHAHAHAHA."

Takouya looked at Kouji and the other gave him a grin.:" we will tickle you a bit longer for fun." Kouji smirked as he dug his fingers once again into the young boys ribs and Takouya began once again scribbling wih the quill on his ticklish soles and between his toes.
Tommy squealed in surprise and shock. " NOHOHOHOHOHO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SAID HAHAHAHAHA YOU WOULD STOHOHOHOHOHOHOP HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Tommy was in hysterics within seconds. He scrunched his toes shut to make it harder for Takouya to tickle his feet, but there wasn't much he could do to stop Kouji from tickling his ribs.
" Actually we didnt" laughed Takouya, but he was tickling much slower now, unlike Kouji who had moved up into his underarms." Hey Kouji lighten up..Zoe should be back soon."

after letting out a grunt Kouji humored him and released the young one at the same time as Takouya and they laughed as he curled up inot a giggling lump." hahaha Had enough Tommy?"
" " YEHEHEHEHEHES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." " Tommy was still laughing hysterically as the ticklish sensations still seemed to linger on his sensitive body even afer thy stopped tickling him. " Hey that* pant * was unfair *pant* . I promised not to tell and you* gasp*  still kept tickling me." The young boy complained, slowly catching his breath.
Takouya gave him a mischevious grin" We were just having some more fun*he wiggled his fingers* I hope your not changing your mind Tommy." Koujis placed his hands on Tommy's side but didnt tickle him." That would be a bad idea."
Tommy grimaced and shuddered lightly. " I won't tell. I promise. Just... Just don't tickle me anymore." The brown haired boy begged, squriming uncomfortably between  Kouji's hands.
Kouji released him and fell over laughing." hahahahahhaa" Takouya merley shrugged and helped Tommy to his still bare feet." But wasnt that a fun game..we said it would be impossible to win..heck me and Kouji went through the same thing...OOPS" He quickly covered his mouth and Kouji looked up from his giggles.
"Oh really? " Tommy asked with a grin. " Maybe you two want  to have another round?" The boy wiggled his fingers teasingly

Kouji stood up and presented one of his death glares." Don't even try it kid!" Takouya on the other hand looked scared and merley took a few steps back.
Tommy gigged at Takuya's reaction. But he didn't dare to do anything as long as Kouji was still atounf. But maybe he could get Takouya when he was all alone. Kouji  could hardly stick around Takuya all the time so all Tommy had to do was wait for his chance.
Kouji decided to take a nap so he went to the edge of camp to get some peace and quiet..Takouya who had forgotten about Tommy sat down and started playing around with his no time at all Kouji had fallen fast asleep and Tommy was nowhere to be seen.
Tommy had snuck out of camp to meet up with Zoey and JP to plot his revenge. He told. He told the two what happened and that he wanted to get Kouji and Takouya back.  Zoey giggled after she heard the boy's story. " Don't worry about Kouji. I'll take care of him. And as for Takouya I'm sure PJ could lend you a hand. " The strong boy nodded with a a grin.
Kouji was still asleep and Takouya was drifting off himself." I wonder where Tommy is..oh well." He lay down sofltly until he heard a giggle..he would of gotten up but he was so tired he couldnt..he drifted off.
PJ and Tommy tiptoed over to Takouya while Zoey went over to Kouji. The blonde girl rolled Kouji over onto his stomach and tied his arms together behing his back with some makeshift rp. She also tied his ankless before she tied them to his wrists, effectively hogtiing the sleeping boy. AShe made sure to give him some leeway to let him move a bit and waited for him to wake up again.
Kouji moved around a bit but soon realized that he was in an uncomfortable he lazilly opened his eyes." H-Huh what the..ACK ZOE.whwat are you doing!?!?" When he realized just what position he was in he began struggling even more.
Zoey smirked down at him. " Well well . Look who's awake now." She walked around tthe bound boy's body and towards his feet. " Do you know why I tied you up Kouji?" She asked in an innocent tone and wiggled one of his shoed feet around.
Kouji didnt want to speak but e was overcome with embarrassment." Uhh uhh n-no..why!?" mean while Takouya was still unaware of anythig around him as he snored silently.
" Tommy told me what you did to him. You have been a bad boy Kouji."  Zoey explained, shaking her index finger like she was his teacher or something. " And do you know what I do to bad boys? I I tie them up and tickle their feet." She grinned evilly.
Kouji's eyes snapped open but he then decided to turn on Tommy(even though he couldnt turn very much) "TOMMY..IM GONNA GET YOU!" but though all his tough talk Kouji was scared to death of Zoe's long fingernails.
In a flash Zoey grabbed his bandana and tied it around Kouji's mouth to silence him. " Sssshhhh. You don't want to wake Takouya and spoil our sirprise now, won't you?"  She put a finger over his lips and winced at the gagged boy.

Kouji let out a muffled yel to warn his friend but his cries were blocked and Takouya stood little chance without an ally as he was still fast asleep and Tommy and JP were advancing.
Both boy's were now starting  to to tie Takouya  up. PJ skillfully  looped some rope around his  frists and knkles and tied them to some havy stones, leaving him in a spread eagle position with his arms slightly raised above his head and his ankles bound together. Then PJ licked his index finger and pressed the wet digit into the sleeping boy's ear to wake him up.
" AH GAAH! what the heck was that!" He looked around with sleep still in his eyes and noticed what was going on." H-HEY! Tommy what did you do!?" He then noticed Kouji away from him and figurred at least he was better off that his friend.

Tommy smiled mischievously. " I'm going to get revenge." He said happily. " Ok, I'll leave you alone and get us some food and water. You're going to need it once this is over." With that he left and quickly disappeared inside the forest.
Takouya was struggling like mad against the ropes, still dealing with the nasty feeling in his ear..and Kouji was no better off as he rolled from sirde to side trying to tip himself over and get leverage..when he got free Tommy was going to recieve the tickling of his life.
The boy seemed to sense his thoughts and swallowed nervously. With a bit of hesitation he lowered his hand to Takouya's stomach and gave it a quick poke through his shirt to test his reaction.
Takouya squeaked in response and pulled in his gut, failing not to let out a few giggles" Hehey don't poke me!"
" Ok." Tommy stopped the poking just to wuggle his fingers over Takouya's sides. " How about this?" Tommy asked with a giggle.
Takouya moved from side to side, his laughter growing eahc time Tommy moved his fingers "hahahahahahAHhHAHAHhaha Tohohmmyhahaha stahahp thahahatahaha you sahaid you wouldnt tehehelahahaha!
"Yeah, right." Tommy hesitated but then just shrugged  his shoulders. " But now that I have you tied up already it would be a shame not to use this oportunity." He grinned and pulled Takouya's shirt over his head to expose his bare torso. " Hmmm. Where to start? Your upper body or your feet?" Tommy mused, looking at the boy's sneakers.
While Kouji was still making muffled yelling noises, Takouya was giggling alot and pleading with the youth." haha Please Tommyhihi not my feet..I beg you!"
"OK. Then I'll go for your tummy." Tommy said. From his reaction he could tell that his feet were rather ticklish so he wanted to save them for later. " Where is that feather again? Ah there it is." Tommy picked up an object and showed Takouya the feather he had used on Tommy earlier.
Takouya's eyes shot open and he immediately renewed his struggles against his bonds." GAH! I KNEW I shouldnt have left that here!"
" But you did and now you're gonna get it." Tommy  placed the featherquill on his ribs and slowly scraped it upwards, occasionally poking between his ribs a few times before continuing the scraping.
Takouya whimpered but managed to keep in most of his laughs..but a few teenage giggles escaped him yet." mmmgaheheheh tahahahamyhyhyhhaha dont dohoho thathahaha."
But the rough quill continue it's journey until it reached it's destination which was tthe bteenage boy's exposed armpit. Tommy grinned evilly and started moving the featherquill around in circles in his hairless hollow. " Tickle tickle Takouya." Tommy teased, chuckling.
(damn..hold on i forgot to add in the other half of that)
Takouya's eyes began leaking tears as his upperbody shook all over from his small friends ticklish assault.(there)
But Tommy just continued s furiously crapping the quill all over his armpits.. " Do you like that Takouya?" Tommy asked happily.
Takouya shook his head back and forth while all the while tears were growing more and more noticeable." HAHAHAH NOHOHOH IM NOTHAHA STAHAHAPALAHLREADYAHAHAHAHAHA!" He startd bucking around and wiggling his feet, anything to get the electric feelings off his mind.
Tommy stopped to give him a break before he continued. He looked over at Zoey who grinned and nodded in approval. " He's learning fast isn't he?" She asked, turning to Kouji.
Kouji's eyes were still wide with horror, watching Takouya's torment had made him wonder what Zoe had in store for him..he merley nodded hoping that his agreement would grant him mercy.
" Are you ready Takouya?" Tommy asked, twirling the feather in his hand to show him that the break was over and it was time for more torture.
Takouya shook his head rapidly " no onononohoh Tommy please! Ill never tickle you again ihihi swear!" He pulled on the ropes but the only thing he got from it was a sore wrist.
But I don't want to stop. It's fun."  Tommy said. He applied the feather to his toned chest and moved it around in cirles.
Takouya breathed heavilly but kept laughing despite his aching stomach" Tahahamyyhahaha i cahant tahahke it anymohohrehahaha" He began twitching spastically as his laughter quickly became softer by the second.

Tommy kept tickling his chest with the feather. Accidently he brushed the feather over one of one of Takouya's nipples.
as ticklish as takouya was..he squeaked at an even higher  pitch when the feather hit his spot." EEP hahaha wahahatch ithaha not there!" He was now fully awake despite his previous condition.
Tommy grinned evilly . " Not here? he asked swirling the feather around his left nipple. The young one  started tracing an imaginary line between Takouya's nipples and made sure that both of them  got a good tickling.
Takouya started shaking his bonds again in his greatest effort at freedom." AHAHAHAHAIHIH YEHEHESHAHA THEHEHEREHAAHAHAIHIH!!"
"Oh? You want me to keep tickling there? Sure thing Takuya." Tommy teased and tickled his nipples for a good 5 minutes.
Takouya was now screaming wiht tickish agony by the time Tommy finaly let up." AHAHAHAHAHAIHIH NO MOHOHOREHAHA PLEHEHEASEHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Did you see what happened when Tommy tickled his nipples? Maybe I should do that to you ,too. What do you think , Kouji?"Zoey teased with an evil chuckle.
Kouji shook his head rapidly..still unable to speak with his bandanna around his mouth he was still stuck in a hogtied position.if he could get to his D-tector he could spirit evolve and escape but it was all the way over by the others..all he could do was whimper.
Menawhile Takouya's torture continue. " Tommy was now feathering his tan belly gleefully. He ran the length off the feather pver the flat stomach and watched the soft ticklish skin ripple.
As soon as the feather passed over the top of his navel Takouya sputtered and ripped out a scream folloed by a long stream of juvenille laughs" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NOT THEHEHEREHAHAHA IT TIHIHICKLES TOHOMUHUHCHAHAHAHA PLEASE..STAHAP!" his eyes were soaked with tears and his voice was getting softer.
Tommy just grinned and dipped the feather into his navel. The small boy rolled the feather between his fingers making it spin inside Takouya's navel.
Takouya was pulling so hard now that his wrists were red..but not as red as his face was as his luahgter became silent an tears were now soaking the shirt over his face." gahaha..please..Tommy..hahasthaaaap.."

Tommy contnued tickling the boy's bellybottom mercylessly. His free hand moved to one of Takuya's bare underarms to really drive him nuts.
After all this tickling its a wonder he didnt black out earlier..but after prolonged exposure to this torment..Takouya's eyes slammed shut and he spammed out..Kouji looked worried for him but his mind wanted to know if he would recieve the same treatment.

Tommy was surprised and stopped tickling out of a sudden." Takuya? Are you alright?" He asked sounding a bit worried for his friends. "He's fine. He just needs some sleep." Zoey xplained with a giggle. She watched as Tommy untied the unconscious boy and put his shirt back into it''s normal position. Then she turned to Kouji." Shall we start?" The blonde girl asked with a smile

Kouji screamed behuind hid gag and started tugging at his bonds while shaking his head no over and over
" Oh, right. You're still gagged. I almost forgot about that." Zoey rscratched the back of her head giggling. She then removed the gag from his mouth. " Better?" She asked with a smile.
Kouji immediately strted babling things about"please..i beg you..tickle" but most of it was so jumbled even Takuya probably wouldn't understand.
Zoey looked at him puzzled. " Uh Kouji? Are you alright?" She asked, quirking an eyebrow questioningly.  "I haven't even started yet and you are already babbling incoherently.
Kouji quickly gathered himself and began again." Cmon Zoe please don't tickle me..I swear I wont do it again but PLEASE!  I beg you!"
Zoey shook her head. " No. You were naughty and you need to be punished." She declared sternly. She walked back to his bound feet and started removing his sneakers.
He tried his hardest to stop her efforts but he soon felt his sneakers peel away." GAH isnt there ANYTHING I can do to help!?"
Zoey chuckled."Hmmm. You could stop struggling." She said grinning widely and.  traced her index finger over one of his socked soles to test his ticklishness.
He whimpered a bit but he knew he couldnt hold it in for long." hmhm no please!" he started wiggling around alot and wiggling his cotton covered toes.
Zoey smiled and slowly pulled his socks off and took a moment to look his bare feet over. " Nice feet Kouji. I think I'm going to like this."
"IM NOT!" He shouted..his mind was racing with all the possibilities of this..on one hand she sould enjoy tickling him..but then again if she liked it enough maybe he would let her do it for a while..he blushed but luckily she didnt see.
Zoey decided that it was time to start the fun. She began by wiggling her fingers over the tops of his pale feet watching his feet for a reaction as she did so.
Kouji struggled as much as possible but when she hit the tips of his toes the teen went balistic" AHANANNONONONNHAHAHAHAHAHA ZOHOHOEHEHEHAHA!"
" Wow. I didn't think  this part of your feet would be this ticklish." Zoey said with a gigle. She kept brushing her fingers from his ankles to the tips of the toes and back down again for a few times.
"Gahaha zohohohoehehehaha stahahap the tihickleshahaha pleheeeasehahaha!" His feet were wiggling franticly in her grasp as his pleas made no difference to her.
" Why should I? You seem to be having fun." Uoey teased. Her hands slowly made their way over the sides of his pale feet and slowly moved towards his soles.
" OHOHO pleheeesehahaha not my feet..hahaha" Every so often he managed to hold in some of his laughter...but everytime she switched to her nails his mouth burst open wiht high pitched giggles.
Zoey finally started tickling his soles.  She usd  her index fingers, one for each sole, and scraped her long nails from the heel all the way up to the base of his toes simultanously.
Kouji squealed wiht ticklish delight as his body was full of electric sensations." EEP EEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAIIH ZOHOHOEHEHEHAHAHAHA!"

  " I like to watch your feet wiggle. It's adorable." Zoey said with a giggle. .Then she grabbed one of his shoelaces and tied his big toes together to stop his feet from moving. " But it's far more fun to have them tiedd and helpless." She wiggled her finger over the boy's trapped soles, using one hand at a time and switching back and forth between his both feet.
Kouji started giggling beyond a proper pitch for a guy and he looked like a bobblehead." GAHAHAHIHIH NOHOHO STAHAHAPIHIHITHAAHAHAHAHAH ITS TOHO MUHUHUCHAHAHA!"
" If you think this is bad already what about THIS?" She raked all ten of her long nails down his soles at once and wiggled them while doing so.
( oh thats harsh..i swear i can feel it)
" AAAAHHAHAHAHGAHAHAHIHIHI NOOOOHOHO PLEASESTAHAHAHAHAPAHALREADYHAHA!" he shook all over and rocked from side to side with tears coming out of his eyes.
Zoey decided to stop and give him a break. " How are you feeling? I bet you won't tickle Tommy again anytime soon?" She asked with a chuckle
Kouji was red in the face and his soles were thumping from the strain but he managed to nod weakly" hih y-yeah..I swear.."
Zoey removed the shoelace from his toes and started massaging his soft feet. " You have a cute laugh Kouji. You should laugh more often." She said happily.
Kouji giggled for a sec but soon enough he calmed down enough to enjoy the massage..this time his blushing was easily noticeable..meanwhile Takuya had woken up and was staring at them thinking" How come I didnt get a massage?"

Zoey noticed Takuya's jealous look and stuck her tounge out at him as she kept massaging Kouji's soles. "  You have very nice and soft feet Kouji. I really enjoy playing with them" She complimented,  gently pressing her fingertips into his soles as she kept massaging them.
Kouji was now enjoying himself very much as he had been on his feet all day." wow Zoe..thanks..this is really nice.." Takouya stuck his tongue out in vengence.
Zoey smirked evilly. "Looks like someone  wants to laugh some more." Zoey teased, wiggling her longnailed fingers at Takouya.
Takoya immediately shut his mouth wiht a whimper.but he did give it some consideration if he owuld get a massage in return..meanwhile Kouji was so relaxed he was almost asleep again..but the electric feelings in his body were still tingling.

" Zoey noticed that Kouji was almost asleep again and decided to wake gim up. "Don't fall asleep yet, sleepyhead. I still got some fun planned for the both of us." She grabbed his toes and pulled them back then skittered her nails over his stretched arch.
Kouji's eyelids shot open and his laughter renewed itself." GAHAHAHAHIHIH OHOOHOHMAHAHANHAHA NOT THE AHAHARCHES!"Takouya in the meantime was working on putting his shoes back on while giving the other boys a," ill get you back" glare.
Zoey ignored Takuya and the others all together and focussed her attention on Koji's feet. She stopped tickling his arches  and grabbed  his big toe between her thump and index finger. She gently pulled it away from his other toes to make them fan out. And then , to everyones great surprise , she started licking between them.
( dammit Phuram..ive had animals lick my feet and i know how bad it can be)
( but good choice)
This was entirley new for Kouji..he didnt have a good view but he could guess that whatever it was tickled alot." WHAHAHAHAT IS THAHAHAT?" Takuya is currently chasing JP and Tommy around camp so they can't see.
" My tounge." Zoey replied with a giggle.  She stopped licking between Kouji's cute digits and  moved down to the heel and started nibbling on it.
Kouji ripped out anohter scream but amazingly he had no objections to Zoe eating his foot." Hahahaha ohohohkahahahyhahaha it tihihcklehehehshaha!"
Zoey rolled her eyes " It's supposed to silly."  She  now moved her tounge all over his feet, licking his soles lovingly and very toroughly. Heels, insteps arches or balls  every inch of his pale tasty sole recieved the same amount of attention.
* ticklish attention
Kouji's was happy that he was recieving this attention over Takuya..even if it cost him his laughter." Hahahaha your tongue is all tickleehahahaha ihihicant tahahakeithahaha!" He twitched all over as tears came more and more frquently
"" Don't worry. I'll stop soon. Just hang on a bit longer.. " Kouji switched positins and kneeled down  behing Kouj's feet. She licked her lips and gave Kouji a minute to recover a bit before sh started licking all over the tops of his feet.
Kouji wondered why she was doing this but he figured he'd just go with it." hahahahi so why are you doing thihihs?" He wiggled his toes out of ticklishness
Zoey blushed." Be-Because I like you. You and your cute feet."  She s put both of Kouji's big toes and gently sucked on the soft digits.
Kouji immediately shivered and relaxed completely and even let out a soft moan before giggling a bit." hihi wow..I like you too.
Zoey blushed even more. She didn't know what to say so she simply kept sucking on his toes. She also started massaging his feet again and enjoyed to feel feel Kouji's smooth cute soles under her fingertips.
* Kouji's laughter finally ceased and he was absorbed into the feeling of Zoe's hands on his feet. He too blushed deeply and moaned lightly." Heh..uhh Z-Zoe? I ..that is..I want to say that...!!" It was at this moment that Takouya, Tommy, and Jp, had stopped running around and began looking in amazement at this scene..JP especially.
Zoey noticed that everyone else was staring at them and quickly stopped.  She  started working on the ropes binding Kouji, purposely turning her back to the others  to hide her blushing face.  Her cheeks turned a bright red color from embarassment while she tried to focus on untying her friend.
Kouji too was blushing furiously and as soon as his ropes were undone he ran behind the tree. " uhhhihi what was that about you two?" Takuya smirked. Tommy was having a giggling fit but JP was still took 30 whole seconds before he stomped off in the opposite direction to sit by the fire..Takuya figured that he would get over it.
Zoey, shifted about umcomfortably. " Um well hehe." She broke off. It had been hard enough to tell Kouji that she liked him, but telling the rest of them, too? No way!  Tommy wouldn't be a problem, but what about Takuya or JP?  Zoey could still remember the jealous look Takuya gave Kouji earlier and JP's was still facing away from her sulking. Zoey could only giggle nervously, and shrugged helplessly.
While Kouji was still hiding behind the tree panting from embarrassment, Tommy was on the ground laughing helplessly. It was finally Takouya that broke the silence." Hey Zoe..I-If you wanna get serious wiht Kouji you can..nobody owns you you know..its your choice." Takuya's grin reassured her that he would talk to JP about it..and off he went to console the big guy.
Zoey looked after Takuya in a bit of shock. Then a smile appeared on her face. " Thanks Takuya." She muttered softly. When she got over the initial shock of being discovered she stuck her tounge out at the still laughing Tommy and went over to the place Kouji was hiding. " You can come out. Everythings alright now."
Kouji came out but his face was still extremely red..and Tommy's laughing didnt help.." Uhh..heh, so what now?"

Zoey smiled. " I think I have an idea. But not here while the others are still around. Let's go someone else where we won't get inteerupted. " She winked, grabbing Kouji's arm and started walking deeper into the forest.
Kouji blushed but continued giggling." heheh ok." And he let himself be led deeprer ino tha wood..when they stopped he looked at her with a question." So what is it?"
Zoey blushed a little and shuffled her foot a bit. " Well I thought you might want to tickle me back." She admitted with a shy smile.
Kouji blushed bore than ever..he didnt realize it nor did he have a problem wiht it..but the words just came out of his mouth." heh..sure!"
  " Cool." Zoey beamed at him. " So what should I do?" She asked, looking at Kouji in exspectation.

" Umm here" Kouji sat down with his own legs stretched out sideways to her." Put your feet in my lap." He patted his leg firmly.

"Sure." Zoey nodded and sat down next to her. She slipped her sneakered feet into his lap and wiggled  them invitingly.
"I hope your ready Zoe..I can be very ticklee." Kouji was now removing her footwear and sat there to inhale some of the aroma coming from her socks.

" Do you like them?" Zoey wiggled her socked feet around a bit and smiled at Kouji.
" yeah..i do." He reached up and drew his index finger down her thigh so he could pull the sock off with a single movement..he idd this wiht the other foot too showing off her pretty snow white soles and her bubble-like toes." haha very cute..I hope theyre ticklish."
Zoey giggled as well. " Yes, they are very ticklish." She was curious was Kouji would do next and wiggledher toes temptingly.
Kouji saw this as an oppurtunity and he wiggled a few fingers across her pale sole to test her talk." Like this?"
Zoey nodded her head. "Yeehehehehehehes hahahahahahahahahaha." She started  giggling and her toes wiggled more, making cute wrinkles appear on her soles.
Kouji couldnt resist it anymore...he lifted her sole up to his lips and gave it a few kisses before talking a few long licks from the heel up to the base of the toes.
Zoey shuddered delightfully when she felt the soft kisses on her sole.But as soon as she felt his wet tounge traverse her smooth skin she burst out laughing. " Kouhuhuhuuhuhouji hahahahaha That tihihihihickles hahahahahahahahaha."
He merley grinned and moved back and forth beforelooking up to tell her." It's supposed to." He then proceeded to worm his tongue inbetween her toes and a cross her arches several times.
Zoey laufhed harder when she felt his tounge on her arch but that was nothing compared to what happned when he licked her toes.  Her foot jerked and she nearly pulled her foot away reflesively. " My hahahahahaha My toes are  vehehehehehery tihihihihivklish hahahahahahahaha."She explained, wiggling her toes a bit.
"oh..ill rmember that later" he told her wiht a smirk as he put that fot down, pulled the other one up, and gave it some kisses but this time he started by nibbling on ech of her toes individually.
"Kouhohohoji hahahahahahaha. You seem tohohohoho like thehehehehem." Zoey laughed some more and watched Kouji play with her ott.
He nodded wiht a grin and then moved back into his licking frenzy giving her foot small quick licks much like that of an animal.
The quick licks tickled tickled even more than the long and slow ones. " Thihhihihis is fuhahahahahahahaun hehehehahahahahahahaha." She lifted her other foot and started caressing his  face with her soft sole.
he now grabbed both feet and placed his mouth tenderly over her two big toes and sucked on them much like she had before.
Zoey shivered and moaned softly." Hmmm This feels nice hehehe." She closed her eyes and giggleda little. " Kouji please giihihihive me your feheheheheet." She said with a smile.

He giggled and obliged by turning his body so that his toes could tickle her belly button while he continued his toe licking now.
  Zoey laughed when his toes tickled her sensitive belly bottom. " Hehehehehehey hahahahahaha. That's sneheheheheheaky hahahahaha." She said. But she didn't mind.In fact she enjoyed it.
He giggled and stopped the belly tickling  and now began his slow licking across both soles at once.
Zoey laughed harder and her toes wiggled cutely. "Your  hahahahahaha Your tounge is vehehehehehehery tihihickly hahahahahahahahahahahaha." " She took one of his feet and started massaging it with both hands.
Kouji wanted to return the favor so after he gave each foot a quick tickle he began amssagind her soles with his thumbs." Is this easier to deal with Zoe?"
" Yehehehehes hehehe." Zoey giggled a bit from the tickling, but she licked the feeling of his thumbs pressing against her soles.  She kept massaging his foot and  kissed each toe individually, starting with the smallest and working her way towards his big toe.
Kouji figured he would mix things up a bit since the massaging was cramping his fingers..he took a large lick across all ten of her toes in an instant.
In an instant Zoey was laughing heavily and her toes wiggled against his tounge. " Twohohohoho can plahahahahahahahay this gamehehehehehahahahahahahahahaha." Zoey started nibbling at his toes ticklishly and started tickling his other foot which was still laying on her belly with it's sole pressed against her skin.
Kouji finally stopped his ticklish assault after a moment of this to fall back against the ground and lugh out loud. " GAHAHAHAHIH CMON ZOHOHOEHAHA I WAS PLAHAYIN AROUND THATS AHALLHAHA!"
Zoey also fell back laughing. The foot on her belly had started moving and wiggling it's toestickling her. " I knohhohohohohow hahahahahahahahaha."" She replied and immediately stopped tickling.
Kouji finally let his arms fall at his sides and his foot stopped moving..but Zoe's feet were still in his face so he licked them a bit before she puled them back reflexively. "ww..that was fun Zoe!"
Zoey giggled and nodded her head. " It sure was. We should do this more often." She gave his feet a few playful licks and then put her head next to his feet as her feet rested near Kouji's head so they both could see and smell each other's feet.
Kouji rather enjoyed the smell of her feet and he giggled when she returned the licks..he wndered though if he would eve rpluck up the courage to ask her his question.."oh well" he thought.
Zoey could tell that  something was eating up Kouji and decided to ask him about it. She  sat up halfway, , supporting her body with her arms. " What's wrong Kouji? You seem to be brooding over something." She gave him an encouraging smile.
Kouji pluckd p all the courage in his body..but when he said it it was more like a yell then an answer.." ZOE I LOVE YOU!!" He gassped at himself for a while then blushed furiously.
Zoey blushed and looked at him with shiny eyes. " I ... I love you , too." She whispered. Before she knew what she pressed her self against his body in a tight hug.

Kouji was melting into the hug when he heard an odd noise in the bushes." Huh..Zoe did you hear something?" He broke the hug and looked around.
Zoey followed his example and also looked around the clearing.

Suddenly a strange mist appeared around the two children and when they awoke they were both chained on a long stone tablet  wtih their legs and arms fully stretched out..then a giggle was heard.
A very fun rp I did. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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cartoonfan707 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Takuya's cute when his belly's tickled.
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And that isn't even the longest one. my first beyblade rp was WAY longer. I needed to post it in 4 parts, because da wouldn't let me post it in a whole, but it's actually one story.
LordDico Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2009  Student Writer
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thank you. I'm glad you like it.
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Phuram Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's not a roleplaying agme. Roleplaying games are something for co,puters or consoles. The kind of roleplay I'm talking about is over an instant messenger ( or alternatively) on a forum, where the people involved act as an anime or one of their own chatracters.
Enicbry11 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008   Photographer
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