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Kouji immediately started struggling and yelling angrilly. " What's going on? Shoe yourself ." Kouji demanded from their unseen captor .Zoey on the other hand was frozen with horror and only whimpered . The whole situation and the evil giggle where all too familiar and Zoey remembered clearly what happened the last time she was in a position like this and it hadn't been much fun back then.
Out of the Shadows a familiar face appeared..Ranamon the warrior of water moved foward with a sinister look." Well hello my little darlins! It's been a while." She grinned evilly as she had seen full well the episode at camp.
Kouji's eyes went wide with surprise for a few seconds before he sent her a furious glare." YOU. Let us go immediately you damn witch." Kouji shouted at her. He would have probably lleaped at her on the spot if he hadn't been tied.
Zoey was just looking at Ranamon wide out. " Not again." Was all she could say as she looked down at her bound body.  Unless last time she had been at the cruel digimon's mercy  her feet were now bare and completely helpless. As were Kouji's Zoey realized  suddenly.
Ranamon spotted Zoey's fear and decided to save her for last." Well my pretties since it owrked so well last time I think i'll stick wiht my old ways," She snapped her fingers to produce a familiar group of phantom hands which moved toward Kouji menacingly with ticklish intent.
Kouji grimaced and shuddered. Only now did he realise that his feet were bare and that the water digimon was going to take advantage of his ticklish body.But he wasn't going to show his fear, he wouldn't gave her the satisfaction. "Do your worst. " He hissed through clenched teeth as he closed his eyes and tried to brace himself for the unevitable.
"Oh I intend to sugar." She ordered the hands to go under his shirt where they started immediately scratching around his navel while the other fingers were busy tickling his toes." And i'll keep doing my worst until you give me those spirits!"
Kouji gritted his teeth and tried to hold it in.  But it took only about thirty seconds before he burst out laughing and started shaking his head wildly. " I hahahahahahaha won't gihihihihihive in hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Nohohohohot to somehahahahahahahaone like you hahahahahahahahahahahaha." Kouji said stubbornly tuffing at his bonds like a madman.
She pouted for a moment before grinning evilly" Someone like me? Honey that just earned you some real laughs hahaha." Sne snapped once more and a large pair of lips appeared near his belly, the hands lifted the shirt up while the lips now pressed against his navel and blew a nasty rassbperry. meanwhile the hands by his feet were now alternating between tickling between his toes and scratching his soles." How bout now?"
Kouji's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he felt the new sensation. " AIIIII HAHAHA hahahahaha. NOHOHOHOhohoho wahahahahahaHAY hahahahaHAHAHAHA."" Kouji's voice changed dependingon the part the hands attacked  on his wiggling feet and he tried to squirm away from the lips torturing his stomach.
Zoey watched the display in horror. " I -I didn't know you could do that." Zoey stammered as she watched the loversized lips go for her boyfriends stomach. But she quickly snapped out of it and tried to help poor Kouji. " But But we don't have the spirits. They are back at the camp."
Ranamon looked at her with anger." Yeah right i doubt it..your next!" And with that she ordered the lips to go for Zoey's belly button but the hands stayed at Kouji's feet.
"But HAHAHAHA BUT she's teheheheheheLING the truth HAHAHAHAHA." Zoey tried to assist Zoey. " And HAHhahaha If you wahahahahat to tickle someohohhohohohone then stick to meheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Kouji managed to say before he was caught in a laughing fit.
Ranamon was caught off guard by this display of affection but it didnt kill her resolve." Oh honey..just for that I think ill focus on her  bit longer.." She moved 2 of the four hands from Kouji over to Zoe's pale soles where thye started scratching all over and a large tongue had emerged from the lips and was now licking directly into her navel.
Zoey arched her back when she felt the hands tickling her smooth white soles, pushing her belly right into the advancing tounge. " Nohohohoho dohohohohohon't HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSA NOT hahahahahahahaha in TWO PLACES AHAGHAHAHAHAt once hahahahahahahahaha." Zoey found herself in the same predicment Kouji was in earlier. Her laughter rapidly changed both in octave and pitch , the only difference was that she was laughing a bit harder since she had a tounge wormingaround inside her navel.
" Well well my pretty are you ready to give me that spirit yet?" The fingers sped up the scracthing on both kids feet as an incentive.

Both digidestined's laughter rang out as they laughed their heads off helplessly. " NOHOHOHOHOHOHOO NEVER. HAHAHAHAHAHA" Both cried out in unison, shaking back and forth.
"Hmm..then I guess I have no choice..ill stop ticklin yall..but now you gotta tickle each other!" She grinned evilly.
"Nohohoho WAY hahahahahahaha." Zoey replied between bouts of laughter. " YEAH HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE CRAHAHAHAHAHAZYHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI:" Kouji added. He toe was laughing very hard as Ranamon's hands kept tickling his feet.
" Oh honey's im not giving you a choice..its either that or i keep doing this." Her hands kept going and now a second pair of lips was working on Kouji.
The double attack on his body drove Kouji nuts. " OKAY OKAHAHAHAHAHAY HAHAHAHS I'LL DOHOHOHOHOHOHOO IT HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA." The black haired boy gave in, unable to take it any more.
Zoey gasped in shock when she heard that. She didn't believe that Kouji was the first one to give in, but she couldn't blame him. The tickling was maddening. " MEHEHEHEHEE TOOHOHOHOHOHOHOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." She quickly added as a few tears rolled down her cheek.
" Oh goodie goodie" Renamon banished the tools she was using and made the tebled turn against each other.
Both teens were gasped for breath as they looked at each other. They both exchanged a silent apology for what they  would be forced to do. " Hey.. *pant* how is this supposed to *pant* ?" Kouji asked. . " How *gasp* can we tickle each others if *wheete* we are all tied up?" This time it was Zoey who asked the question.
"*sigh* here then sugar now hurry up" She instantly disintegrated the chains binding their arms and sat back to enjoy herself.
Both Koji and Zoey swallowed and hesitantly went to work on each other's upper body. Kouji softly wiggled his fingers over Zoey's bare midsction while she  gently whisked her nails over his bare ribs. They both remained gentle and only  giggled in response to the tickling.
" Oh come on already let hear some laughin!" Ranamon was growing more and more impatient by the second.

Both teens knew that they didn't have a choice if they didn't want to be tortured by Ranamon any more. And if they could choose between being tickled by Ranamon or each other the choice was clear. So Zoey dug his fingers into Zoey's soft belly and started kneading it. Zoey followed suit and rapidly raced her nails over Kouji's ribs." ZOHOHOHOHOEX HAHAHAHAHAHA:"  " KOUHOHOHOOHJI HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA." Both teens said at the same time, bursting into laughter.

An evil smirk appeared on Ranamon's face as she took great pride in watching the two teens tickle each other." That's more I like It sugar, but I think his feet need some attention." She giggled.
Zoey glared at the  water spirit. " BIHHIHIHITE MEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."  The blonde girl replied in a sudden flash of deviance. She stopped tickling Kouji altogether. But Kouji krpz iz up. First he  was kinda having fun tickling Zoey even if he was forced to do so. And second he feared Ranamon's wrath .
Her face became a scowl and her eyes glared signs of death, "Would you rather I do th honors sweet thing?" She summoned  a total of 10 hands all with feathers.
Both Zoey and Kouji paled visibly..  Kouji was sending his fellow digidestined a pleading look that seemed to say just do what she says already. But Zoey didn't want to give in to the evil digimon. " I'm not your toy." Zoey snarled as she send Ranamon death glares of her own.  If looks could kill both girls would have dropped dead. Kouji only let out a heavy sigh .The whole situation was getting worse and worse by the minute.

Ranamon sent her fingers over to Kouji and began doing Zoey's work for her as they went to work all over his ticklish body, "Suit yourself."
"THAHAHAHAHAKS ZOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOEY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Kouji's words were dripping with sarcasm even thought he was laughing hysterically. as several feathers danced over his belly and feet. And it was all Zoey's fault. But if Kouji had to suffer it was only fair if Zoey got some tickling as well. With that in mind Kouji started tickling her bellybottom, tracing it's rim and dipping his finger into the shallow navel, which made zoey burst out laughing as well.
Ranamon made her way over to a large slab and lie down , "Yall just tell me when one of you passes out." And with that she slowly nodded of into a deep sleep.
Zoey and Kouji didn't notice at first. They were both too much occupied  with their own problems.  Zoey was furiously tickling Kouji's chest with her fingernails to get her boyfriend back for not supporting her against Ranamon. Kouji himself was attacking the blonde's inner thightd to get some payback for the trouble she had caused him. "HAHAHAHAHAJAD ENOUGH TRAHAHAHAHAITOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOR ?HAHAHAHAHAHA." Zoey asked through heavy laughter. "THIHIHIHIHIS ID HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ALL YOUR FAHAHAHAHAHAHAULT HAHAHAHAHA." Kouji replied as both of them doubled their efforts at driving each other nuts.
slowly but surely the hands Ranamon had summoned seemed to dissapear during Kouji and Zoey's tickling bout.

After a while both teens had noticed that Ranamon was asleep and the hands had dissappeared..  They looked at each othher and then at Ranamon. "Instead of tickling each other we should work together and get her." Zoey said with a wicked smile. " Yeah. Let's teach that witch a lesson." Kouji said with a similar evil smile. Both digidestined noticed that their bonds had gotten loose due to their struggling and they managed to squirm free. Once free they tiptoed over to the sleeping Digimon and tied her in a spread-eagle position to exploit every inch of Ranamon's  ticklish looking body.Now they only had to wait for Ranamon to wake up...

Ranamon shuddered a bit and tried to turn over but found that she could not." Huh? Hey Whats going on here?" She starte struggling mildly then heavilly as she became more and more aware of her predicament.
Both teens grinned down at her evilly. " Wakey wakey Ranamon. It's tickletime." Zoey said as she wiggled her fingers teasingly. Kouji giggled as he watched  her struggle futilely.. " What's wrong ? Could it be that the evil water digimon is ticklish?" The boy teased as he picked up a feather from the floor and twirled it before her eyes.
The aquatic digimon's eyes grew wide with fear but she still did her best to hide it." W=what are you talkin about there's no way I'm ticklish!" She put on a fake smile to try and get the point across.
Kouji and Zoey exchanged an evil look. " Hmmm. I'm not convinved. Let's test it." Zoey said with a smirk.  "Kouji would you be so kind." Kouji nodded  and advanced towards the helpless digimon. With a smirk the boy  used the feather to draw small circles around Ranamon's bellybottom. " Does this tickle Rana-babe? " The boy asked with a chuckle
Biting her lip the digimon shook her head but let out a small whimper before pulling on her bonds once again.
Kouji watched the digimon's face closely . She managed to hold her laughter back very well, but he was sure that he could make her crack. He dipped the soft feather into her navel . At the same time Zoey noticed something strange.  Her socks were lying in a corner of the room.  For a strange reason Ranamon must have brought them here. This gave the girl a very evil idea.
Ranamon's giggles became more and more noticeable as her navel was tormented by the youth." Youll have to haha do behetheher then thahat honeyhyhy."
"I will. I have barely started. Kouji dropped the feather  and blew a long raspberry right into her navel. At the same time Zoey wrapped one of her socks around Ranamon's nose  and tied the ends together behind her head leaving her no choice but to inhale the smell. "Having fun sugar? I bet you like the smell of my socks don't you?" Zoey mocked with an evil grin.
Ranamon glared for a moment but then had no choice but to burst out with laughter." EHEHEHEHHAHAHAHA STAHAHAP THAHATHAHAHA!" She squirmed around and pulled as hard as she could on her restraints but they wouldnt budge.

" Stop? I don't think so." Zoey said  as she started scribbling her nails over the aqua digimon's underarms. " We won't atop until you are screaming with laughter and begging for mercy." To emphasize   Zoey's point Kouji blew a series of  quick raspberries onto her stomach and used the feather to tickle her neck and face to further irritate and annoy the helpless water spirit.
"Ehehehehehehaha neheverhaha I refuhuhusehahahahahehehe!" Ranamon bounced around as much as she could in vain attempts at escaping.
"Then we'll just keep tickling you.  We can keep this up for hours if we have to." Zoey's fingers reached Ranamons armpits. The girl dug her nails into the smooth hollows and scraped her nails over the sensitive skin..  At the same time Kouji started tickling her ribs and kneading her sides. He even thought about licking inside the navel but decided to save a few tricks for her feet.
Ranamon squealed with ticklish agony as some of her most ticklish points were revelaed to her worst enemies, " IHIHIHIHIHEHEHEHAHAHAHHAHAHA COME ON AHAHALREADYHYHYHAHAHA STAHAHAPHAHA!"
" You know how to make it stop.  Just beg and we will go easy on you...NOT." Kouji said with a smirk. Ranamon had tortured the hellout of them and  they were going to get her back. Kouji undid his bandana and used it to blindfold their captive. " Great idea Kouji. This is going to make it even worse for  her." Zoey said with a giggle. She really enjoyed doing this to her arch nemesis for all the fighting and the torture she had suffered at the hands of Ranamon. But for no she stopped and Kouji did as well to give Ranamon a minute to catch her breath.
As she was panting from her previous torment Ranamon instead of begging wasted her energy on death threats and pulling on the ropes.

" My my. That wasn't nice Ranamon." Kouji scolded. " I think we have to punish you." Zoey was having a hard time not to giggle at the show Kouji was putting up. " Yeah hihi. We'll teach you some manners... the hard way." They both knelt down on either side of Ranamon and dug their fingers into her tummy. They worked her upper body over  with twenty fingers, prodding , squeazing, wiggling, teasing and torturing the digimon's skin mercilessly.

Ranamon finally started bucking around and screaming for mercy from her captors." EHEHEHEHE OOKAHAHAYHAHA I BEG YOUUHUH STAHAHAP TICKLIN MEEHEHEHEHEHE!" Her eyes started leaking tears while her body twitched around spasticly
Both digidestined grinned evilly. " Let's her some more of our sweet begging." Zoey teased. Kouji chuckled as he noticed the tear running down the digimon's face. " Aww is the powerful and evil Ranamon crying? Maybe we should cheer you up a bit." The boy started blowing raspberries into one of her exposed underarms and Zoey quickly did the same to her other underarms, but she also started scraping her tounge over the soft skin of her armpit.
Ranamon ripped out a scream and started turning different colors from all her laughter, " AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAHHHHHIHIHI PLEHEHASEHEHEHEHAHAHA NO MOHOHOREHAHAHA!!"
They kept the torture up a little longer and then gave Ranamon another break. " Are you having fun Ranamon? " Kouji asked with an almost friendly smile. Zoey decided to show a bit of mercy on their captive and removed the sock from her nose to let her get some fresh air."
Panting for air Ranamon decided this tiem she would plead wiht her tormentors, "Come on darlins i promise that ill leave you alone just please let me gohohoo!" Her eyes were wet and her face was red from laughter not to mentiong she had a bad smell in her nose.

" But we haven't even tried your feet sugar." Zoey mimicked her voice and giggled a little. " You know, you look kinda cute when you're laughing." Kouji complimented, which earned him a scowl from Zoey. " Stop flirting with the enemy."  She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh at her fellow digidestined behavior.

" Oh COME ON ALREADY i'm sorry i tortured yall please let me GO!" Ranamon's face was full of terror as her feet were by far much more ticklish than anywhere else on her body.
Both humans gave that some thought. " You really seem to be sorry. But your feet look very tempting." Zoey mused as she sat down in front of them. " I wonder how they'll taste." This comment came from Kouji who was also sitting down by her feet. They each took one of her feet and started massaging them and kneading them gently.
Ranamon's face was now very confused, this felt good but at the same time she was scared that the tickling would resume in an instant, "H-hey what are you d-doing." She became very relaxed.
"Can't wait for the tickling can you?" Zoey asked with a chuckle. " To tell you the truth I always wondered what your feet would feel like. They are very soft and smooth for someone who's barefoot all the time." the human girl explained. " And they smell interesting." Kouji said as he sniffed at her foot.
Ranamon's face became red with embarrassment, " Who are you to be talking about my feet!?" And with renewed strength she tugged at her bonds again.
" Aw she's blushing. How cute."The water spirits embarassment was a great source of humor for both humans. Zoey decided that it was time to get down to business and trailed one of her nails from the balls of her foot down to the heel. On Ranamon's other foot Kouji used his index finger to draw figure eights on her soft sole.
Almost immediately the digital female busrted out in intense laughter and she bucked around wildly." AHAHAHAHAHA GET OHOHOFF OF MEHEHEHE RIGHT NOHOHOW!"
But she was ignored. Zoey was adding more fingers to scrape her nails over her foot and moved her hand in small circles. At the same time Kouji gave her foot a testing lick. It tasted a bit moe salty than a humans foot, but the flavor was quite enjoyable.. " Mhhm You should try her feet Zoey. They taste great." Kouji started licking her feet in earnest now by taking long and slow licks up and down her foot.
"EHEHEHEHEHEHEIHIH DONT LICKHEHEHEMEHEHEHEHEHAHAHHAHA" Ranamon's toes twitched and her back arched in ticklish agony as her breathing became more and more shallow.
Kouji slowly moved up to her wiggling toes as Zoey held them back and tickled below them. From time to time she would wiggle her nails over the stretched sole just for fun.. Her boyfriend was focussing his attention on the undersides of the dark-green colored toes where he lapped away happily.
Ranamon was in her own tiklish hell as her efforts at escape were all for naught." EHEHEHEAHHAHAHA P-PLEHEHEHEHASHHEHEHEHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHMOHOHORE!" Her she stopped pulling on the ropes and instead focused o remaining consious for as long a possible.
And then she felt them tickling between her toes.  Kouji's moist tounge was worming between the cute digits and Zoey had grabbed a feather aand was sawing it back and forth between her flailing toes. All the wile they two kept a hold on her feet to stop them from moving away.
Ranamon's cries for mercy were unnoticed as her voice was becoming softer in her desperate struggles." -pleasehehehe stahap it"
And surprisingly enough the torture stopped. Zoey was feeling pity for Ranamon since she know just how much Kouji liked torturing feet. And Kouji did stop, too although he seemed to be disappointed, but he was curious on what Zoey planned to do now so he didn't object.
Ranamon's conciousness was almost gone as she looked curiously at her tormentors."W-why?"
"Because I don't want you toblack out. I have other plans for you." Zoey winked  and send the worn-out Digimon a smile. " Here's the deal. You'll be nice and give both of us a little foot licking and if you do a good job  you'll be released.. But should you esists or don't give your best it's more tickling for those cute feet of yours." Zoey made a dramatic pause to let her words sink in. " Do we hae a deal?"
"*sigh* fine then..just let me go already."
Kouji giggled. " Great idea Zoey. Mind if I go first?" She didn't so Kouji placed his feet near the digimon's face and wiggled his feet invitingly.
Ranamon grinned a bit then proceeded to lap right in the middle of Kouji's soles, first the left then the right.How's that?"
Kouji had to surpress a small moan. "Nice." He leaned back and closed his eyes in content. He played with Ranamon's feet a bit , massaging and and sniffing them at the same time.
" tee hee, same to you." Now she began licking around his toes with gusto adding in a bit of a tickle but not much.
Kouji's toes wiggled and he giggled a bit. " H-Hey hehehe that tihihihickles hihihihi." But the boy didn't mind the slight tickling.  It was a pitty they were enemies cause this was  much fun and he wished they could do things likoften. this more
Finally Ranamon licked long and slow up from his heel all the way to his toes and inbetween them before backing off." ok then."
"Thanks. That felt really nice." Kouji said let Zoey take his position. " Ok Rana. You know what you got to do." The human girl said with a wink.
With a reluctant sigh the digimon began licking Zoey's toes first this time
Zoey giggled a bit , part from having fun and part from the ticklish feeling the wet tounge caused. " Could it be that you enjoy this? Maybe just a little?" Zoey asked before letting out a small sigh of relaxation.
Ranamon smirked a bit but didnt answer as her licking increased this time down by the heel and along the sides of her foot and back down the middle of the sole.
Zoey was feeling very relaxed. She wiggled her toes a bit as her pale feet were  worshipped  by the digi-girl.  The feeling was very enjoyable and Zoey could feel herself starting to get sleepy from having her feet caressed by a wet tounge.
after 5 more minutes Ranamon withdrew her tongue and smirked."Well how was that?"
"Great. " Zoey smiled back and got up from her sitting position. " You fulfilled your part of the deal and we will keep our promise. But first  we'll give you a little for your cooperation." With that  Zoey knelt down at Ranamon's feet and starfted sucking on  Ranamon's big toes. Kouji soon joined in and started caressing her soles with his tounge just like Ranamon had done to his feet earlier.
Ranamon surpressed a few moans and instead she smiled, " Yall know this doesnt change a thing still evil!"

" It's a pity. You would make a nice pet-digimon."." Kouji teased..  He still kept licking her feet gently. Zoey  paused her toe sucking to stick her tounge out  at the digimon before wrapping her mouth around the cute digits once more.
After a small glare Ranamon continued her relaxation."but..thanks anyway."
" Careful Ranamon. You are starteing to act nice." Zoey said with a giggle. After a while both stopped and got ready to leave. " It was fun playing with you and your cute feet, hun." She flashed her a smile as did Kouji. " If you need a good laugh or want someone to play with you know where to find us." Kouji said with a chuckle and Zoey giggled a little.
"Wait a minute arent yall gonna untie me!?" Ranamon shouted almost in anger.
"Relax. We  always keep our word." Zoey  said, making a soothing hesture. " You don't really believe we would leave you like this, do you? We are not THAT mean." Zoey untied the rope holding her right wrists and Kouji did the same at her left  wrist. But they kept her ankles tied. Ranamon would easily be able to free her ankles all by herself and it would give them some time to get away in case Ranamon planned revenge.  " It was fun playing with you but we got to go now. Cya later." Zoey said, and started to walk away. Zoey gave her a smile and showed her a thumps up before leaving as well.
Ranamon began untying her legs but not before giving a sort of smile toward her foes..maybe just maybe there was kindness in her yet.
Here's part 2
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Gekko-Namida Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
I'd hate to be in anyone of those positions (Ranamon, Kōji/Koji, Izumi/Zoe), cause I am majorly ticklish. I, quite literally, will jump a foot in the air if something so much as brushes my side/stomach/waist/knees/etc.
Awesome story though. Kouji (gah, old habits die hard. Stupid letter) would make more sense if he stopped tickling Izumi (Zoe! Sorry, I normally use the Japanese names. Heh.), cause he's more wtf, I don't care, person, even to his father, so even though Izumi-Zoe, sorry- is his girlfriend (Kouzumi forever!), he most likely wouldn't care, and the attention would be off him. I also see him more likely to murder Ranamon than tickle her after. Still awesome, though. Wicked, really.
Phuram Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kouji might be a little out of cjaracter, but most tickling stories need some artistic liberty to work. And hey, maybe Kouji has a secret thing for tickling taht he was hiding in the show (or something)? XD
Gekko-Namida Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Perhaps. Shame it didn't show of it existed. And I think I'm being right picky about it 'cause I was watching Frontier on YouTube for like the twentieth time (need a life. Spend all my time watching anime that's off TV or at a video game store about a block from my house) yesterday. Most likely me being overly picky about it.
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Yours are probably the longest tickle fics on the site.
Phuram Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, that's probably because most of these where roleplays I did.
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
You acted this out?

Which character were YOU?
Phuram Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back then I played Kouji.
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
And as for the two girls, were they played by people you know from Deviantart or from real-life?
Phuram Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Err wait, I was the one who played Zoey and Ranamon I think. I confused that with another digimon frontier rp.

I played it with someone I knew from the internet, but not from da. It was a different website.

Don't ask me who it was, thought. It has been too long ago.
kiyuomi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
I love this story! It's soooooooooooooo nice!
Phuram Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
coolboy12168 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009
great story
Phuram Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
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