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Welcome to my gallery. Enjoy the art I'm posting here. It's mostly my old work or some commissions drawed for my by other artists I colored.



christmas commission by Phuram
christmas commission
Here's a late christmas pic done by Letiprincess with 4 of my favorite chars from various media. I wanted to bring these together for a while now and christmas made a good setting for a crossover.

From left to right:

Li Li Stormstout from World of Warcraft, Heroes of the storm, the pearl of pandaria comic, various stories based on WoW.

Tiya from the cartoon Papyrus.

Candela from the cartoon Marcelino (pan y vino)

Wilykit from the 2011/12 Thundercats remake.

I'm really happy with Leti's work. The poses, expressions and coloring are very good.

Characters copyright to their respective owners.
art by letiprincess…
knight Trenk: foot worship by Phuram
knight Trenk: foot worship
After watching the show I just ahd to make a couple of commissions based on it.

The final commission absed on the show Kuroi did for me. This one takes place after a vine making scene where Trenk and Thekla. After they crushed the grapes with their bare feet to extract the juice the two treat themselves to a nice little snack and even get her feet cleaned up at the same time.

Characters belong to their respective owner.
Art done by Kuroi Wolf…
Little knight Trenk: Thekla's target practice by Phuram
Little knight Trenk: Thekla's target practice
After watching the show I just ahd to make a couple of commissions based on it.

Thekla is very skilled with her slingshot so Trenk came up with a special challenge to test her skills. And Thekla hust couldn't resist the opportunity to show off how skilled and tough she is.

Characters belong to their respective owner.
Art done by Kuroi Wolf…
Knight Trenk: Thekla's foot cleaning by Phuram
Knight Trenk: Thekla's foot cleaning
After watching the show I just ahd to make a couple of commissions based on it.

In the first scene where Thekla appears in she is shown with her bare feet dirty and muddy after catching a frog in the castle's water channel. Of course afterwards her feet needed to get cleaned and Trenk was charged with this task. And like it turns out Thekla is not only a tomboy but also very ticklish.

Characters belong to their respective owner.
Art done by Kuroi Wolf…
knight Trenk: magic trick by Phuram
knight Trenk: magic trick
After watching the show I just ahd to make a couple of commissions based on it.

In one episode there was a tickling scene with Trenk where he gets sawed in half during a magic trick and gets his feet sniffed by the pig. This scene inspired me for another magic trick tickling scene with Thekla.

Characters belong to their respective owner.
Art done by Kuroi Wolf…



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm from Germany and I have a thing for feet and tickling.

My main interest lies in cartoon characters, mostly from old shows. Mainly human females, sometimes furries, depends on my mood.

My favorite characters are Tiya from Papyrus, Candela from Marcelino pan y vino, Queen la from Disney Tarzan (the series), Alana from Lilli the witch and Johanna from a German comic book series called Abrafaxe.

But just like the furry-thing these can change, too.

I don't draw myself (thought I used to in the past) and pay others to draw for me. SometimesI color something drawn for me, thought.

I don't roleplay or write stories anymore, either, except on some very, VERY rare occassions.

Aside from the tickling and feet thing my other hobbies are playing video games on my PS3 and reading fantasy and crime books.

Operating System: windows xp
Favourite cartoon character: Tiya, Candela, Queen la, Alana and Johanna if comic chars count, too.
  • Mood: Neutral
Hi guys.

I recently got a couple of ideas for stories lately, but I don't got any time for writing.

So I'm now looking for experienced tickle stories artists that take story commissions or requests.

The ideas involve some fanfiction based ideas with Tiya, Wilykit (new Thunderats version) or Li Li Stormstout (discovered her in Heroes of the storm and she immediately tickled my fancy, there's gonna be a batch of uploads with her soon.)

But my most important idea is something related to some new characters of mine, who live in fantasy world.

The protagonists is a group of three girls who call themselves the barefoot bandits.

Draka: A half dragon, with scales on her arms and legs and her fingers and toes both have claw-like nails. She has very long lightgray or silverish hair and wears an outfit that shows off her belly. Thanks to her dragon blood she is quite tough and can put up quite a fight, but it also makes her rectless.

Snowfox: The kitsune. Mostly looks like a human aside from a white furred fox tail at the back and her unusual white hair. She's dressed in a japanese Kimono.Can create illussions and create little magical flames.

The last girl is a normal human with chin-long red hair that frames her face. She wears a long, beige colored coat that hides a hookshot, a small crossbow-like wristlet and some other tricks.

Like the name of the groups suggests all of them are barefoot.
And they are also cheeky and notorious troublemakers. And very ticklish. When they are not not or causing trouble in the human city, they are out exploring some old ruins or the wilderness.

When they are not searching for treasures or other stuff they can sell or pilfering the various merchants or nobles of the city they usually end up in ticklish situation. Be it that they tickle each other for fun, get caught during one of their coups or facing some sort of tickly during their exploration and treasure hunting.

But they aren't the only ones getting tickled during their adventures: Sometimes they interrogate young servant girl or a rich brat to find out where the valuables or hidden. Or just play tickly pranks on other kids for the fun of it.

And that's the summary.

I got more details about their world and some possible plot outlines, too. But like I said I lack the time to put make a story out of it.

So if you are an author and want to write  about them or know a good author who takes requests or commissions, please let me know.



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